404 Chevron Refinery Modernization Project — Modernization Project


Proposed Modernization Project

lorazepam without a prescription In 2005 Chevron Products Company, a division of Chevron USA Inc. (Chevron), proposed,

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http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu1765/ canada klonopin no prescription and in 2008 the City approved, the Hydrogen and Energy Renewal Project (2008 Project) at the Chevron Richmond Refinery. The City of Richmond also certified the Chevron Hydrogen and Energy Renewal Project EIR, Consolidated Volume (2008 EIR) in 2008. In 2010, a court ordered that the 2008 EIR be set aside. In 2011, Chevron submitted a new application to the City for a revised project (Modernization Project or Project) that includes only two of the major components from the 2008 Project, the new hydrogen plant (now identified as the “Hydrogen Plant Replacement”) and the Hydrogen Purity Improvements (now identified as the “Sulfur Removal Improvements”). Chevron has reduced the overall scope of the 2008 Project. The Modernization Project would not include the Catalytic Reformer Replacement, Power Plant Replacement, and Other New and Replacement Facilities (storage tanks, control building and central maintenance building) that were part of the 2008 Project. Note. Previous notices referred to the Modernization Project as the “Revised Energy and Hydrogen Renewal Project”, “Revised Renewal Project”, or �����Revised Project����� during the scoping period for this EIR.

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Environmental Review

http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu963/ buy phentermine and topiramate extended-release The Final EIR was released on June 9, 2014. To view the Final EIR, please click here to go to the “Project Documents” page. The public comment period on the Draft EIR closed on May 2, 2014. Draft EIR comments submitted to the City following the close of the public comment period may not be addressed in the Final EIR. The Draft EIR is available on the “Project Documents” page. The City of Richmond is the Lead Agency for the Modernization Project and is preparing a Revised Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The EIR will comply with the court decision regarding the 2008 EIR and address the reduced scope of the Modernization Project (as compared to the 2008 Project). The EIR is being prepared for the purpose of considering the issuance of a conditional use permit and design review permit for the Modernization Project. In addition to the City permits, Chevron, the project sponsor, must obtain an Authority to Construct from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and comply with all applicable plans, rules and regulations of the BAAQMD with respect to air emissions resulting from the Modernization Project.

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Education and Outreach

http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu2845/ order diazepam internet Apart from environmental review hearings that are part of the decision-making process, the City held public workshops and educational meetings on topics related to the Modernization Project. As part of the public review of the Draft EIR, the City held an intensive one-day review session, an evening workshop, and a Planning Commission Study Session. (See Meetings). Prior to the release of the Draft EIR, the City held five educational sessions. Four educational sessions were held in 2011 on July 25, August 22, September 29 and October 19. One session was held in 2012 on April 4. These sessions did not address the Modernization Project or the EIR, but provided basic information helpful for understanding some of the key technical topics that were likely to be included in the EIR (See Meetings).

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where can i find valium online For more information, contact Lina Velasco, Senior Planner, lina_velasco@ci.richmond.ca.us or 510-620-6841.

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